RVDL – Redditvideodl.com is Certified Safe by SSL Trust

Approved by SSL Trust

What is SSL Trust?

SSL trust is an online website scanner similar to VirusTotal which scans the entire site for viruses and security issues. It will tell you whether you can share your personal information on the site or not. It has popular antivirus software like K7 Security, Kaspersky Lab, Bitdefender come on ESET antivirus and more built-in and so it scans any particular URL with more than 50 plus virus tools and will give you the best result within seconds. Redditvideodl.com is certified safe by the SSL Trust and you can have the complete details below.

So with SSL Trust you can detect whether the site is safe or not before entering your sensitive personal information and is completely free. All you need to do is just paste the URL and click the submit button, then wait for a few seconds and you will get results on all the popular antivirus tools including comodo and opera. 

Unlike other software, it also checks for the server IP’s against various spam databases. So by scanning the site with separate tools might take lots of time and you can use SSL trust to scan on all sites at once. 

Redditvideodl.com is Safe by SSL Trust

What is Redditvideodl.com?

Redditvideodl.com is an online tool that helps Reddit users to download the media files instantly just by pasting the post URL. You can also use browser extensions or Windows PC software to speed up the downloading process. The website is new but became more popular in a short period of time. And it doesn’t show any ads or the users need not complete any surveys to download the files. It’s completely free and no registration is required. Just paste the URL and select the desired resolution and download the file you want. You can download unlimited files either on your mobile or PC, all you need is a browser with an active Internet connection. 

The reason it became more popular in a short period of time is that it also has a Reddit bot u/rip-video where you can download the media files directly from the comment section of the Reddit post, The Reddit bot is also approved by the official Reddit developers, so you can use this feature to download videos and your account will not be blocked by Reddit. 

Redditvideodl.com is also verified 100% safe by SSL trust and if you are using this as your regular online downloader tool then you can use it forever as it doesn’t contain any malware scripts that install ads or viruses on your smartphone and PC. It doesn’t even get a single negative red mark in SSL trust’s malware and SSL report. 

SSL trust is one of the most used websites to test whether the site is safe including sharing personal information including credit cards, user details, etc. Redditvideodl.com is also verified and marked as 100% safe in spam reports and trust reports. It is also marked 100% safe by Google safe browsing, Norton safe web, and URL void.