RVDL Reddit Downloader is the Only Best RIPSAVE.COM Alternative



Micheal Clarke

Ripsave is an online video downloader that allows any users to download any videos from Reddit. It was the first video downloader to offer Reddit files to save offline. But after gaining popularity as usual like other software it included ads on their site which went wrong as the ads automatically installed malware on browsers and also on user’s PCs that led to irrecoverable loss. After that, the website has been closed completely due to many user complaints. Also, many new developers have come up with similar sites but most of them don’t have all the functions like Ripsave except one service called RVDL Reddit Video Downloader which can be considered as the best alternative for Ripsave.com.

The Best Ripsave Alternative

Ripsave.com is dead and shut down by the creators due to malware infections that installed virus files into the user’s PC automatically. And since then many Reddit video downloaders have come out but only RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader has all the features of Ripsave.

Ripsave was one of the trends and also ranked number one in Google for Reddit video downloaders. All these worked fine until it uses Google AdSense for monetization. But once they changed the ads from Google to Propeller ads, it shows lots of popups that forced ads to the users to install the malware extensions and software to download the respective files. Finally, they lost all the users which generated thousands of dollars, and finally, it made them shut down the website.

Why RVDL is a Better Alternative for Ripsave?

Ripsave Alternative

RVDL is not a clone of Ripsave, it is also better than Ripsave in terms of speed and simplicity. And there is no ads and wait time also to download the files which makes RVDL software a great alternative.

Ripsave also offers video downloads from multiple sites and most of the time the server went down, but RVDL uses high-speed servers with CDN integrated which guarantees you 99.99% uptime which is enough for even bulk downloaders.

In Ripsave the automatic conversion will give you only video output in multiple qualities, but in RVDL it also separates audio files from the videos instantly and gives freedom to only download the audio files. RVDL is the only site to offer such a feature in this segment.

In the Ripsave browser extension, you need to click the extension icon each time to download the file. But in RVDL extensions you just need to right-click on the video or GIF and select the Download option to download the files which is a new feature available exclusive only in RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader.

Ripsave got many users only after launching the Windows PC software, but it won’t work until you install it on your PC. And it contains ads and popups that harm your PC. But in RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader PC software you can just run the program without any installation process and there are no popups and commercials.

Ripsave offered customer support on their website, but you will not receive any response from them, but RVDL offers top-notch customer support and you can expect a reply within 2 to 12 hours with the best solution for your query.

To Conclude

Finally, we came to know that by comparing every feature of Ripsave vs RVDL, we can conclude that RVDL will be the best alternative in terms of all aspects. If you aren’t convinced still, then can try out all the features as it is completely free. Give it a try and we are sure that you will make RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader your primary downloader for Reddit downloads.