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Before entering a website, it is best to do some background checks about the website/web app regarding safety. There are several websites on the internet that will analyze and report the website status in detail to find whether the website is legit or not. We Reddit Video Downloader (RVDL) is approved as 100% safe by various Website Reputation Checker sites like Norton Safe Web, SSL Trust, Google Safe Browsing, Virus Total, and many more. Apart from these, is also approved as safe, secure, legit, and malware-free by URLVoid.

What is URLVoid? is safe by URLVoid

URLVoid is a free and the most trusted website reputation checker online. You can scan any website just by adding the site’s URL in the URLVoid. This tool will scan the URL with multiple website reputation engines and domain blacklists to check whether the site has any malware, virus, spyware, or fraudulent activity. It provides you with a detailed report summary and blacklist report about the website within seconds. Also, URLVoid is used by various cyber security companies and IT researchers to speed up the process of cyber threat analysis.

What is is safe by URLVoid is a free online tool to download videos or GIFs from Reddit. Our tool is absolutely free and does not involve any kind of signup or registration process. You can just add the Reddit video/GIF URL and click on Download to start downloading the video up to 4K quality. All the video downloaded via is safe and malware. Most importantly, all the download activity performed via RVDL is anonymous and we do not store or record your video on our server or database. is 100% safe by URLVoid

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Redditvideodl safe by URLVoid

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Redditvideodl safe by URLVoid

This is the detailed report provided by the URLVoid website checker. You can also check our website in real-time by yourself on Have a safe Reddit video downloading experience with If you have any queries let us know in the comments section below.