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The Internet is one of the most important needs in our day-to-day life. It lets us communicate, engage and transfer files with anyone all around the world within seconds with the help of communication apps and services. All these services run through the Internet and many hackers take this as an advantage and try to install malware and virus directly into the user’s PC. But that is not the case with the Reddit Video Downloader RVDL.exe file. Our PC software tool is verified and marked 100% safe by VirusTotal to use as it attracts no virus or malware and is highly secured. To prove it, we checked our RVDL .exe PC software with one of the popular virus scanners VirusTotal and published the results below.

What is VirusTotal? 

VirusTotal is a free and only online virus detector tool that has over 70 antivirus scanners built in. You can just enter the URL of a website or upload files to VirsuTotal and within seconds it will tell you whether the file has malware or virus. So, if you are visiting a website frequently or if you are about to download data from a new website, it is highly recommended to scan such sites using VirusTotal. And if the results are safe then you can visit such websites regularly as it is confirmed that it doesn’t contain any malware scripts. 

The malware signatures on VirusTotal are also updated in real-time and so if a new malware has been found then it will be added to the VirusTotal malware list instantly. Since then it will scan for such files on any URL entered into the VirusTotal scanner. And VirusTotal will not only give you basic information if a virus was found, it will tell you the name along with the in-depth analysis of the virus and also gives you solutions on how to remove the files safely. And if you really want to use that file, it warns you of the after-effects of how your PC will be affected in case you use it.

So VirusTotal just makes sure that our website is verified and virus-free. So this gives your users a complete sense of security in using our products on VirusTotal has certified our website as COMPLETELY CLEAN and 100% safe to use and download files.

RVDL Reddit Video Downloader is 100% VirusTotal Verified

RVDL – Reddit video downloader is an all-in-one online tool to download videos, audios, and GIFs from Reddit. It also has various tools like Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, a Reddit Download Bot, and Windows PC software. All of them are free to use and with this, you can download unlimited files from Reddit without any limits. It has been used by various users worldwide as it is a VirusTotal verified tool.

You can also check whether the site is virus and malware-free from your end just by entering the site URL on the VirusTotal website. We have also run the test and there is no malware found when scanned through 88 of different popular anti-virus tools like Avira, comodo, cybercrime, quick heal, Baidu international, and more. Check Now by clicking the button below.

Wrapping Up

So, you can use our website to download Reddit media files as it’s been verified as 100% VirusTotal safe. RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader has no access to your personal info or downloaded data and its extensions and PC Tools are also Google and VirusTotal Verified. If you find any difficulty or unusual activity with our products, you can contact us anytime.