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Google Safe Browsing RVDL

What is Google Safe Browsing? 

Google safe browsing was launched in 2007 to protect websites from phishing content and malware. All the Internet browsers like Chrome Firefox, Safari, etc. uses Google safe browsing service to protect their users from hackers. This check is done if your website appears in Google search engine when you submit your site for the first time on Google search console or Google webmasters. Since then, your website will be checked every time under Google safe browsing, and only if it passes all the security checks the resultant site will be visible on Google. 

Also, it is checked on a regular basis, and so if you install any kind of malware in any means at any time, the Google safe browsing will detect it automatically. If it doesn’t pass through the tests then your site will be blacklisted on Google safe browsing and Google will warn every user who visits your site on almost all the popular browsers. 

RVDL 100% Safe
RVDL 100% Safe

Google safe browsing is turned on automatically on all browsers. In case if it’s not turned on, then you can go to browser settings, do a click safety check and tap safe browsing, then select Enhanced protection. So now if you visit a website directly with the URL through Google search, and if the site is dangerous, then you will get a deceptive site warning. So you can decide whether to visit the website or not. 

Is Safe? 

Yes, 100% Safe by Google Safe Browsing. is an online site that helps users to download all kinds of media files from Reddit for free. Most of the free online tools might have phishing issues, but is verified 100% Safe by Google safe browsing and also by VirusTotal. So, you can use this tool to download Reddit files anytime on any device. All the files that are downloaded will be virus-free and you may not experience any kind of data threats as you don’t need any registration to use their service. 

You can also check the Google safe browsing report manually By visiting the Google Transparency Report website. Just enter the URL and you could see if there are any unsafe content on that particular website. 

Thus to conclude that is 100% safe and verified by Google safe browsing. You can download unlimited Reddit videos and all other media files from without any viruses and malware.