Redditsave [u/savevideo] Not Working? “u/rip-video” Try the Alternative!! Not Working

Reddit is like a mini-website or blogging social media application where you can discuss, share, comment, upvote, build a business, and many more. You can also scroll the feed to gain knowledge of various topics and news happening across the world. If the post has any video or GIF you wish to download, there are several tools, websites, applications, and bots there on the internet that you can use. Recently, it has been reported that and its subreddit’s bots namely u/savevideo, u/savevideobot, u/downloadvideobot, were not working. Many users, who relied on those tools to download Reddit video has been looking for an alternative. We is here to help download Reddit videos with some simple clicks.

Why ?

Redditvdeodl is one of the most emerging and reliable Reddit video downloaders using which you can download video and audio in various qualities. It is 100% secure and trusted by as safe to use website. The website and you can download the app as your PC software and extension for your Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browser. If you are a regular Reddit user, can be a lifesaving tool as you can use or call its bots directly in the comment section “u/rip-video” and you will be provided with the download link instantly.

How to Use on Smartphone/PC

[1] Go to the Reddit website or App on your Android or iOS device.

[2] Open any video you wish to download from Reddit.

reddit Video - Not Working

[3] Copy the URL of the video from the search bar on PC or under share in the smartphone.

Share - Not Working

[4] Now visit on your smartphone or PC browser.

RVDL website

[5] Paste the URL in the URL tab using the paste icon or keyboard shortcuts.

[6] Click on the Download button and you will be directed to the Download page.

[7] Here choose any of your required video quality and tap on the following button

Download reddit video

[8] The video will be downloaded and save on your device instantly.

Highlight of

  • The service is completely free to access across anywhere around the world.
  • Download any Reddit video in the maximum uploaded quality.
  • Available on PC as standalone software to make your job even simpler.
  • Extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser for instant download.
  • Automatic conversion of video to some of the most popularly used formats like MP4, WEBM, MOV, etc. within seconds.
  • You can even download only the audio from the Reddit video using RVDL.
  • It does not ask or collect any of your data in any way and it is completely safe to use.

Hope this article helps you find a better alternative since, not working. More features will be updated and informed regularly, so keep an eye out for this space. Also, if you have any queries or experience any trouble downloading video or audio on, let us know in the comments section below. For a video tutorial on how to use the Reddit Video Downloader (RVDL) in all possible ways, check out our YouTube Channel.