How to Use the New Prediction Feature in Reddit and Enhance Engagement among Redditors

Reddit Prediction Feature

Reddit has been introducing lots of features in it lately and all these features have been drastically getting the user’s attention. One such feature added on Reddit is the new Predictions. It is similar to that of the poll features that are already available on Reddit. But Prediction is like a tournament in Reddit where you need to bet using the token to attend the prediction event and upon the predictions result the user will be rewarded. This prediction engine was actually powered by Unicorn and has been tested for nearly a year. Now, it has been rolled out live for all the Reddit users. In the upcoming article, let’s see how to use the new prediction feature in Reddit.

How to Use Predictions in Reddit

To use prediction in Reddit, you need to be a moderator or a moderator-approved user to add these features to your Reddit post. The feature is just like the poll where you need to add a question along with some choice of answers. After adding it, the user predicts the answer and gets rewarded.

[1] Launch Reddit Web or Mobile Application (Android/iOS).

[2] Click on Create Post (+) icon.

Create Post - Reddit Prediction Feature

[3] Choose the Poll section from the post.

Poll - Reddit Prediction Feature

[4] Enter any title or question for the prediction

Prediction - Reddit Prediction Feature

[5] You can add images, videos, tables, or text if required.

[6] Tap on the Prediction option under the text box.

[7] Next, add the prediction options (up to 6 options).

[8] Set the Prediction end date and time along with the name of the prediction tournament.

[9] Click on Post to start the prediction tournament.

Prediction Poll

How to Participate in Reddit Prediction Tournament

Prediction event token

To participate in Reddit Predictions you need tokens. Each Redditor will be provided with 1000 tokens upon participating in the prediction. You need to bet on the prediction with any number of tokens you have. Once the prediction end and the result is in your favor, you will be rewarded based on the amount of token spent. The better predictions skills will help you climb on top of the community Predictions Tournament leaderboard. Once you run out of the tokens, you can’t participate in any prediction tournament in Reddit.

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