Best Reddit GIF Downloader – How to Download GIFs on Reddit


GIFs have smaller file size while compared to other file formats and easily conveys messages better. So it is used popularly in all the social media platforms to make users engaged and also it saves a lot of server load and server space compared to videos. Reddit is the place where you can find unique and exclusive GIF files shared by the community members that are not available elsewhere on the internet. Saw a GIF that is interesting, informative, funny, etc. download it within seconds using our RVDL Reddit GIF Downloader to save or share them on social media.

You need not pay a single penny or download any kind of installation file to access RVDL Reddit GIF Downloader. All you need a device with a browser installed. We have tested many similar GIF downloaders and RVDL seems to be the best to download Reddit GIF files. Our RVDL does not compress the files like other downloaders and gives you the full actual resolution as uploaded by the user. Let us now see how to get download GIFs effortlessly on our

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Download Reddit GIFs – Quick Steps

1. If you’re using Reddit in the browser, then copy the GIF page URL from the address bar. And if you’re in the mobile app, tap the share button and click the Copy link button.

3. RVDL supports on all browsers on all devices, so open any browser and go to

4. Find the post you want to download the GIF file and click on the post to view it in full window.

5. Now copy the URL by right-clicking the on the address bar and tap Copy, if you’re in mobile long-press in the address bar and copy the URL. To copy the URL easily you can also click the share button in the post and click the Copy link.

copy Reddit URL - Download Reddit GIF

6. In a new tab open the RVDL GIF downloader website by entering the in the URL bar and press Enter.

7. In the White box, paste the complete GIF post URL including https:// (please don’t edit the URL) and tap Download.

Tap Download - Download Reddit GIF

5. Wait for few seconds to let the site convert and load the available file formats of the selected file.

6. Since it’s a GIF file you get only one format, now tap the Download GIF button as shown in the image below.

click Download P button to download GIFs.

7. Locate to Downloads folder after the download is complete to open the GIF file.

Feature Highlights

  • Download high-quality GIF files.
  • Beginner-friendly User Interface.
  • No coding or technical knowledge required.
  • The maximum processing time taken is less than a minute for all files.
  • No ads and no need to complete any survey to download the file.

Why Choose RVDL – Reddit GIF Downloader

Reddit GIFs are the most interesting part of the platform that gets the most upvotes from fellow Reddit users. Most of the GIFs are shared under the funny category and if you like a GIF and willing to share it with your friends and families then you can just share the post link. But we recommend you to use RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader to download the GIF file with just a single click and you can share them with anyone via any of your favorite apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Wrapping Up

Bored of sharing the same GIFs from default sites that your social media networks have integrated. Download the GIFs from Reddit with the RVDL GIF downloader and share the new and entertaining GIFs from the global top discussion site Reddit. Tired of copy-pasting the URLs then try our one-click Chrome Extension and Firefox extension to download the file from within the Reddit website itself.

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