Mention “u/rip-video” To Download Reddit Videos Using Reddit BOT


Social media platforms have tons of features to engage users with each other. For example, millions of media files are being shared per day on Reddit. Many people want to download and share it on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube. But there are several third-party software available to download files from Reddit, but you need to create and log in to use their service, which is a severe privacy concern and consumes time. Thus, we introduce you to the easiest way to Download Reddit Videos using an automated BOT that works for you as a Reddit Video Downloader.

RVDL ~ Reddit Video Downloader has an online Reddit Video Downloader, Chrome, and Firefox extensions to download Reddit files. Still, thousands of our regular users asked us to create a simpler way to rip videos of the internet. So we created the RVDL Bot, which will send you direct download links of the videos or GIFs in the comment section, and you can download it single click at free of cost. The result is our premium Reddit BOT to download the files on Reddit itself.

How to Download Videos Using Reddit Downloader BOT

Step 1: Open any Reddit Post that contains a Video or GIF file. Make sure users can post a comment and the post isn’t archived.

Step 2: If your wish to Download the video, audio or GIF file, then just type u/rip-video in the comment box and post it.

Step 3: RVDL Reddit Downloader Bot will reply to your comments instantly within seconds with a link named “View Link Here“.

Step 4: Tap View Link Here and a new tab will take you to with Download links to the particular video or GIF.

Step 5: Now select your desired format and resolution and tap the Download button.

Step 6: The video will be downloaded and saved in your browsers Downloads folder for offline usage.

Video Tutorial:

Download Reddit Videos Using “u/rip-video” bot.

Hint: Even you choose a video to download, our automatic AI will convert it as an audio file by default, just tap Download Audio to download only the audio of the video file. See How to Download Audio From Reddit Videos Using
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Special Features

  • 100% Free and no subscription or registration required.
  • Direct download straight from the Reddit website itself.
  • Offers both HD and SD versions of Video files.
  • Guarantees 99.99% uptime of our BOT servers.
  • No user profile block for commenting the same text as we use Reddit-approved BOTs.

Why Choose RVDL – Reddit Bot

RVDL - Reddit Bot Downloader

Social media companies offer Bot to perform some minimal tasks and mainly to automatically reply to user comments. Some of the companies are Facebook, Reddit, and more. To make the downloading easier, we at RVDL have created a BOT to automatically generate links and send them to the users who want to download the video, audio, or GIF files. The users can click the direct link replied to them in the Reddit comment section and download the files instantly.

Wrapping Up

We know that you understand the process to download the Reddit videos and GIFs using RVDL BOT from the above tutorial. You might have a question that whether this method is safe or not, we guarantee you that this method is approved by Reddit and so you get automatic replies from the bot. Facing any issues? Then try out our online downloader and browser extensions or feel free to contact us.