Reddit Down and Not Working Worldwide – Here’s Why

Reddit Not Working

Reddit is a social media platform with millions of daily active users across the world. Today around 7 PM, Reddit servers were down because of some unknown issue. Every user who logged into Reddit via any medium has been displayed with an error message stating “Our CDN was unable to reach our servers Please check if you consistently get this error”. This outage has lasted for about 49 minutes to every Reddit user worldwide. Check out why Reddit is not working by continue reading the article

Reddit CDN issue
Reddit Error Message

Reddit Outage

Reddit not working - DownDetector

This “Reddit not working” issue has been confirmed by DownDetector as they see a major spike in the error rate on Reddit. This is due to the issue in the CDN servers and Datacenters. The error was reported 69% for Reddit web app, 22% for Reddit mobile app (Android/iOS), and 9% for server connection. This is the major issue faced by Reddit this year. Before there was a partial outage on Comment and Vote processing on July 5 which lasted for about 9 minutes.

Current Reddit Status

Reddit not working status

The error has been identified by on Aug 11, 2021 – 19:18 PDT and it has been fixed within an hour. Also, Reddit status has reported that it has been monitoring the result until the issue is fully resolved which is around Aug 11, 2021 – 20:28 PDT. This has affected lots of creators and users of (Desktop Web, Mobile Web, Native Mobile Apps, Vote Processing, Comment Processing, Spam Processing, Modmail). Now the issue has been resolved and the site working fine as always.

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