How to Download Videos From Reddit Using Chrome Extension


Chrome Extensions are developed for easier access and can perform multiple tasks based on the extension configuration. It is an essential tool for all the downloader sites that offer file downloads from various sites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, etc. Reddit is also a popular web content rating and discussion website where a huge amount of discussions occurs in the form of text, images, and videos. So if you want to save a file, you can do this instantly with our Reddit Video Downloader Chrome extension. But what to do if you want to save a large number of files? It would be best to use Reddit Chrome Extension like RVDL to download videos simply and easily.

RVDL ~ Reddit Video Downloader is the first company to introduce the Chrome extension to download Reddit videos directly from the post or page. Comparing with other downloaders, you need not click on the extension every time as you can download by right-clicking on the image, video, GIFs directly on the Reddit site.

How to Use Reddit Video Downloader Chrome Extension

Step 1: You need Chrome browser to use this extension. If you don’t have, then use our online downloader.

Step 2: Open the chrome browser and go to website.

Step 3: Now tap Chrome extension button that is visible under the URL box.

Reddit downloader Chrome Extension  download

Step 4: A new tab will open and navigate to the extension page automatically. Now click Add to Chrome button.

Tap Add to Chrome button

Step 5: You get a popup to confirm to add the extension to the browser. Tap Add extension in the popup.

click Add Extension - Reddit downloader Chrome Extension

Step 6: The extension will be added to your extensions tab and is visible in the top right corner of your browser.

Step 7: That’s all the one time installation process is complete. Open the Reddit page that has media files you want to download.

Step 8: Hover over the media and right click on it. You can see an option having “Download Reddit Videos with sound ~ RVDL“.

Reddit downloader Chrome Extension  shortcut

Step 9: Tap on it to open the RVDL website in new tab. Just hit Enter button on your keyboard.

Step 10: Select the resolution and file format like video or audio you wish to download and click Download button next to it.

Select the resolution

Step 11: You have successfully downloaded the file to your computer.

Special Features

  • Free to download the extension from the official Chrome/Firefox store.
  • The size of the extension is less than 500kb.
  • No need to click on the extension every time to download the files.
  • Integrated with right-click section on your PC for easy access.
  • Updated regularly and 100% bugs-free.

Why Choose Reddit Video Downloader Chrome Extension

Reddit downloader Chrome Extension supports all the file formats

If you’re a power Reddit user and wish to download hundreds of files per day, you cannot do that with the online downloaders even though the software can handle the multiple downloads because you should copy and paste the link of every file every time you like to download. So in such cases, here we introduce the RVDL – Reddit Chrome Extension, which allows the users to download the files by just right-clicking on the file from Reddit and save it to their PC instantly without the need for copy and pasting.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a PC user, then we recommend you to install the RVDL Chrome Extension even if you’re not a power user, because it is integrated into the browser’s right-click and so anytime you think that the files are useful and decide to download, then save it on your PC within seconds. Experiencing any issues with our extension, share them in the comment section, and we might update the plugin by fixing the bugs or errors as soon as possible.

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