How to Download Videos from Subreddit r/memes using u/rip-video

download videos from r/memes

r/memes is a popular subreddit with over 16 million followers worldwide. It has an average of 40k viewers every hour. You can find lots of memes and meme videos on this page on various topics to satisfy all kinds of people and make everyone laugh out loud. With Reddit Video Downloader, you can download all your favorite videos from the r/memes subreddit to your smartphone or PC with some simple clicks. To know how to Download Videos from Subreddit r/meme using Reddit Video Downloader (u/rip-video) continue reading the article.

Ways to Download Reddit Video using RVDL

There are two possible ways to download videos from Subreddit r/memes. They are

  • Using Web App
  • Using RVDL Bot

Steps to Download Videos from Subreddit r/memes using

[1] From your Reddit Mobile App or web, go to the r/memes subreddit.

[2] Scroll the feed to find some funny meme videos.

[3] Copy of the link of any available video to download.

[4] Go to on your smartphone or PC.

[5] Paste the URL in the URL box and click on Download.

[6] On the download page, choose the video quality to download the video.

[7] The video will be downloaded instantly in the chosen quality.

Steps to Download Videos from Subreddit r/memes using u/rip-video (RVDL Bot)

[1] Go to the r/memes subreddit page from your Reddit account.

[2] Scroll the feed to find some funny videos to download.

[3] Click on the Comments option under the feed post.

[4] Type u/rip-video in the comment box and click on Comment.

[5] Once the comment is posted, you will receive a reply or notification from the RVDL bot.

[6] In the reply, click on View Link Here and you will be directed to the download page.

[7] Here choose any of the available quality and your video will be downloaded instantly.

The video will be saved in the maximum quality uploaded by the user. For example: If the user uploads the video in FHD (1080p) quality, you can also download the video in FHD followed by HD (720p), SD (480p), Low quality (144p), and even in Audio (320kbps). You can also check our exclusive extensions and PC to fasten the download process from the link below.

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