How to Download Videos From Reddit Using Firefox Extension?


Firefox browser is one of the best web browsers to date and is the major alternative to the giant Chrome browser. Many people use firefox for its improved privacy features, and it doesn’t track user information. Chrome is mainly developed in favor of Google to track user activities and show the ads relevant to them. And due to this, many users use other browsers like Firefox and Opera. Firefox is in the market for more than a decade, and if you use it to browse Reddit on it, you must know how to download and save Reddit files using a Reddit video downloader firefox extension.

Reddit is also a social media platform focused on Q&A-type engagements. It has a powerful SEO-focused system that your posts might appear at the top of Google search results. Reddit users shares file in the form of images or videos or GIFs, but like Facebook, it doesn’t offer you the download feature to save the file. So to download the Reddit file on Firefox, you must download the free RVDL ~ Reddit Video Downloader Firefox extension and save the video / GIF you want within seconds. It also automatically converts a single file into all the possible files formats.

Tip: Also try out our Reddit Downloader Bot to downloading videos right from Reddit the post with just a click.

How to Download Reddit Videos Using the Firefox Extension

Step 1: Download and Install latest version of Firefox browser. If you already have one, make sure it is up to date.

Step 2: Open Firefox and go to

Step 3: Click the Firefox Extension button to open the add-ons window.

Step 4: In the next screen, tap Add to Firefox button as shown in the below image.

reddit downloader Firefox extension

Step 5: Click Add button in the popup to install the RVDL ~ Reddit Video Downloader Firefox add-on or extension.


Step 6: Then tick the check box named “Allow this extension to run in private Windows” and then tap Okay.

click Okay - reddit downloader Firefox extension

Step 7: Open Reddit website and Right click anywhere (on the post or video / GIF) on the video or GIF and select “Download Reddit Videos with sound ~ RVDL” option.

reddit downloader Firefox extension

Step 8: Now a new window opens up displaying with download links to your video/GIF. Just tap the Download button next to the desired resolution you want to download.

select the resolution

Step 9: The file will be saved to your computer instantly and you can share it with your friends and colleagues.

If you are only concerned about the audio from the Reddit videos, our Reddit Audio Downloader lets you do it easily. See how to download Reddit Audio.

Special Features

  • Available in the official Firefox extension store.
  • 100% virus and malware-free.
  • Download any kind of file with a single click.
  • Only access Reddit website files and will not track or monitor your activities.
  • Extensions are updated regularly on a weekly or monthly basis.

Why Choose RVDL – Reddit Downloader Firefox Extension

reddit downloader Firefox extension

Every developer creates an extension for chrome but not for other browsers. But we an RVDL created the extension for all the major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Our extensions are easily available directly on the respective official stores. This all-in-one Reddit download guarantees you 99.95% uptime and can download all the file formats at any resolution.

Wrapping Up

If you’re a person who uses Firefox as your regular browser and wants to download the Reddit contents to your local storage. Then RVDL extension is the best solution for you to download the Reddit file without using the copy-paste function like other downloaders. If you are a user of Google Chrome or Safari extension, click the link.