Download Reddit Videos Using RVDL.exe Windows Software Application!


Reddit is a social news and discussion website. A lot of images and videos are being shared on their forum every second, but still, users don’t have any direct method on to save or download the video/GIF files. To do so, users need to rely on the online or offline downloader software. Our RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader is a popular tool recommended by users to download Reddit videos, audio, and GIFs in high quality and at no cost. By attaining huge popularity in a limited period of time, RVDL has introduced the PC version of their online software which you can directly run on your PC without even installing it. This helps you boost the speed of the download process and download any number of files instantly. Learn how to download Reddit videos on your PC with RVDL Reddit downloader software in the below article.

If you’re a Reddit user on PC and we hope that you’re using RVDL Reddit downloader or browser extensions to download the Reddit videos. Now you also have the option to use the Windows version of our RVDL downloader software. Anyone can easily use it, as the tool is simply a dedicated browser-based software that can help you download the files easily. All you need to do is download the software and run it on your PC, paste the URL, and tap Download to save the files locally on your PC.

How to Download Reddit Videos using PC

Reddit is a place where you can browse for a lot of videos and GIFs. So let’s figure out how to download Reddit videos on your PC using the software.

Step 1: Open your regular browser and go to in a new tab.

Step 2: Scroll down and click Download Now button in the sidebar to download the Reddit videos PC software. Or you can find the RVDL.EXE application here.

click Download Now button - How to Download Reddit Videos PC

Our Windows Application is 100% SAFE to use. Scanned and Verified by

RVDL Admin

Step 3: After the download is complete, Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Desktop screen for easy access.

copy the software to your Desktop

Step 4: Double click on the Reddit download software to launch the program.

Run the RVDL Downloader Program

Step 5: Then copy the Reddit video post URL from your browser that you want to download.

copy Reddit post link.

Step 6: Paste the URL in the Reddit video downloader PC software and tap the Download button.

Tap Download - How to Download Reddit Videos PC

Step 7: Choose the format and resolution as per your wish and click the Download button next to it.

If you want to download the audio of the video file, simply click the Download Audio button.

Guide: How to Download Audio From Reddit Videos Using

If you are downloading a GIF image, click the Download GIF button.

Guide: Best Reddit GIF Downloader – How to Download GIFs on Reddit

Download files on any resolution

Step 8: Reddit video downloader will save the downloaded videos to the Downloads directory by default and you can use all the files as per your wish.

Video Tutorial:

Special Features

  • 100% free to download and use without any feature restrictions.
  • Download in your own resolution as it automatically converts any HD videos into SD and audio-only files.
  • Instant download and no wait time or no quality loss guaranteed.
  • You can run the RVDL PC Downloader without installing it on your PC.
  • Fast download speeds with 99.99% server uptime guaranteed.

Why Choose RVDL – Reddit PC Video Downloader

RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader is a brand new free video downloader for Reddit. It has an online video downloader, Reddit video downloader bot, Chrome extension, Firefox extension, and Windows PC software. You can download Reddit videos and GIFs instantly within seconds just by pasting the URL of the Reddit post.

How to Download Reddit Videos PC - supports all types of files.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we have learned the easiest way to download the Reddit videos using Windows PC with RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader PC software. It is simple like our online version, but it will run as a separate app which will be more convenient for bulk Reddit downloaders as it is even easier than the browser extensions.