How to Download Audio From Reddit Videos Using


Reddit is a news aggregation social media website where registered users submit their videos or images and is voted either up or down by other users. It is also a powerful built-in SEO feature where your posts might appear at the top of Google search results. It happens only if the answer is correct and has many upvotes by the Reddit users. The forum is large and you can get thousands of answers to your queries in the form of replies, videos, and tutorials. If you are only concerned about the audio, use our Reddit Audio Downloader to download audio and let us see how to use it.

To download videos from Reddit, you can use our completely free Reddit Video Downloader. Click here for the tutorial on How to Download Reddit Videos.
Download Reddit Videos using Simple Steps

Reddit is primarily a discussion forum and users can just drag and drop images and videos to post their comments. The highly secured Reddit servers save all the data that users upload. If you are a person who is concerned about the audio on the motivational videos, guides, and tutorials, use our tool to easily separate and download the audio file. So why download the bulky video file that has it has no visuals or explanations. Use the RVDL downloader which converts Reddit videos automatically into a .mp3 audio file, and downloads it. This hack can save you a lot of storage space and also you can hear it in the background while performing other tasks on your smartphone or PC as videos cannot be played in the background, in certain cases.

Download Reddit Audio – Quick Steps

Step 1: Just open Chrome, Firefox or any of your favourite on your PC or Smartphones.

Step 2: Go to and search for the video post you’d like to download.

Step 3: Now you have to copy the post URL. Copy it directly from the URL bar or tap the share button under the video post and tap the Copy link in the popup.

Download Reddit Audio

Step 4: Open a new tab and visit the

Step 5: Right click in the URL box and select Paste to paste the URL and then tap Download button.

click Download button

Step 6: You get all the available resolutions of the video file to download. Click Download Audio to download the audio file.

tap Download audio - Download Reddit Audio

Step 7: You can find the audio file in the Downloads folder on your PC or smartphones which you can share with anyone you wish.

Special Features

  • Ultra-fast one-click downloader for Reddit files.
  • Various formats like Video, Audio, GIFs with automated conversion.
  • No need to Install or Download any software particularly.
  • Two-step downloading process with zero wait time.
  • Access on any device that has a web browser installed.

Why Choose RVDL – Reddit Audio Downloader

If you’re a regular Reddit user then we are sure that you want the perfect audio and video downloader to save the videos for offline usage. Here we recommend you the new AI-based online downloader called RVDL. It offers high-speed download and the main thing is that you can also download the audio file which is automatically extracted from videos within seconds after you enter the URL.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the above are the steps to download audio files from Reddit. Try out RVDL and we guarantee that you will make it as your primary Reddit downloader due to its speed and minimal User Interface. You can also definitely install our Chrome Extension or Firefox Extension to download the files directly from the Reddit page without copy-pasting the URLs.

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