Best Sports Subreddits To Follow in 2021 If You Are an Ardent Fan

Best Sports Subreddits

Every year, we are witnessing some great Sports events happening everywhere around the world. In recent times, fans are also interested to know about new sports and sporting events. Watching sport is interesting but discussing the sport is even more interesting. In Reddit, there are several subreddits in which you can discuss almost all the sporting events happening around the world and be updated on all of them. Here are some of the popular and best Sports Subreddits which you should follow on Reddit to know about your sport up-to-date.

12 Best Sports Subreddits

  • r/baseball
  • r/Basketball
  • r/Boxing
  • r/hockey
  • r/MMA
  • r/Cricket
  • r/nba
  • r/nfl
  • r/formula1
  • r/sports
  • r/tennis
  • r/olympics


Best Sports Subreddits - Baseball

r/baseball is a subreddit for hardcore baseball fans. You can get instant and regular updates on almost all baseball events around the world at your fingertips. You can have all popular player updates, team updates, scores, stats, predictions, game previews, and many more.


Best Sports Subreddits - basketball

r/Basketball is a subreddit for Basketball fans who never want to miss any update on any basketball matches and tournaments. It has discussions and updates on all popular basketball events like NBA, WNBA, NCAA, G-League, EuroLeague, FIBA, etc.


Best Sports Subreddits - boxing

r/Boxing is an exclusive subreddit for all boxing updates. You can keep track of all your favorite boxing players, games, stats, schedules, and many more. They even conduct daily discussion sessions to speak about upcoming matches and more.


Best Sports Subreddits - hockey

If you are a hockey fan, then r/hockey is one such best sports subreddits where you can get exclusive updates on all top hockey events that happen around the world like NHL, AHL, KHL, NWHL, IIHF, and several other hockey leagues. They even conduct daily discussions regularly on games moves, rumors, and many more.


Best Sports Subreddits - MMA

Get to know all the updates on Mixed Martial Arts instantly by following the r/MMA subreddit. Here you can find updates on player ranking, upcoming matches, schedules, players update, match summary, and many more.



With the subreddit r/Cricket, you can never miss out on any cricket updates, matches, scores, stats, game moments, or anything. This Reddit covers all International, National, league matches like IPL, CPL, Ashes, Big Bash, and many more in detail. Sometimes they also have discussions with ball-to-ball commentary.



r/nba is an exclusive subreddit for all National Basketball Association league fans. Here you can find detailed and instant game updates, match summaries, photos or videos of game moments, and many more. You can also have all the news about teams, players, games, etc. immediately.



r/nfl is a dedicated subreddit to know all about the National Football league’s status. Since r/nflstreams has been banned, fans are marching towards r/nfl to get all the daily updates on the ongoing NFL season, Superbowl, and many more.



Formula1 racing sport is the most expensive event in the world with millions of fans across the world. With r/formula1, you can get to know all the latest news, stories, stats, game summary, laps, play score, schedule, and discussion from and about the world of Formula1.



r/tennis is a popular sport that is loved by almost all sports fans around the world. This r/tennis is a subreddit for all kinds of tennis fans to keep themselves updated with the sport, players, upcoming games, and events like Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open, etc.



r/olympics is the world’s largest sporting event participated by 100’s of countries across the globe on various events of sports. Here in the subreddit, you can know about all the established players, upcoming talents, Paralympics, Winter Olympics, and many more.


Sports - Best Sports Subreddits

r/sports is an exclusive subreddit and an all-in-one spot for all your sports thirst. Here you can find all the major and important updates on all sports played across the globe. There will be also daily discussions on the ongoing event. If you are a multi-sport lover, then r/sports is the best choice to be up-to-date.

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