Best Reddit Video Downloader in 2021


Reddit is one of the world’s largest social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. At the time of launch, it was merely like, you can ask a question and the community members will reply to them, but later it grew massively and lets users share photos, videos, etc. Many people wish to share interesting videos from Reddit to other social platforms but the only way to do it is to share the post link as there is no option to download. But you can use third-party websites and tools to download media files from Reddit. There are many video downloaders available in the market and here we are going to explain to you the top five best Reddit video downloader popularly used by the Redditors.

Best Reddit Video Downloader

  • 1. RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4. u/Vredditdownloader
  • 5. u/ripsave

1. RVDL – Reddit Video Downloader (Best Reddit Video Downloader)

RVDL - Best Reddit Video Downloader

RVDL Reddit video downloader is the number one choice if you want to download all kinds of Reddit files like videos, audios, and GIFs. You can download the files instantly either using the online tool and browser extensions (Chrome & Firefox) or using the Windows PC software. If you wish to download any files directly from Reddit then you can mention the shortcode (u/rip-video) in the comment section of any of the Reddit posts, then the RVDL bot will automatically generate the download link and reply to your comment instantly within a minute. You can just click the link and choose the video format and then tap the download button to save the files on your own desired resolution.

The reason why we chose this downloader in the first place is that it is completely free and there is no wait time to download the files. It also converts any kind of video file into separate audio where you can just download the audio file. This Reddit video downloader has been launched just a few months ago and is receiving tremendous response from the Reddit community. The server is also ultra-fast and if you are a Reddit user you can just give this downloader a try and we are sure that you will make this downloader your default Reddit video downloader. 

2. Reddit downloader is also a popular Reddit downloader which is available in the market for the past few years. This is a basic software where you need to copy and paste the Reddit link to download the files every time. Like RVDL it doesn’t offer any browser extensions or bots to download Reddit files. this is suitable for people who used to download only a few media files a day. It also runs ads and you need to wait at least 15 seconds to download the files, so for example you can download only three to four files per minute. It supports only video formats to download and automatic conversion doesn’t include audio-only files.


The third app on our list is which is an online-only Reddit downloader tool that also has ads embedded on their site. There is no Chrome or Firefox extension, but they provide PC and Mac OS app. The main thing is that if you want to download high-definition video or audio then you must download and install their software on your Mac or PC. But RVDL Downloader offers you search features on their online tool itself which also doesn’t force you to install their software. There is also no video downloader bots to download the files directly from Reddit.

4. u/Vredditdownloader

u/Vredditdownloader - Best Reddit Video Downloader

This Reddit downloader is fast and downloads all kinds of Reddit files instantly. In the beginning, there are no ads and the tool was running perfectly without any issues but after including ads from the bad ad networks, the tool started installing fake apps on smartphones and malware extensions on PC browsers automatically. Finally, it faced DMCA complaints that forced the entire tool to be shut down. If this tool is still online then it will be the number one tool to download Reddit files, but unfortunately, it’s been shut down.

5. u/ripsave 

u/ripsave - Best Reddit Video Downloader

This is the best Reddit downloader for the past 10 years, but they had included ads on their site which also install malware and virus files directly to the user’s PC or any of the devices. This goes against the Reddit bot guidelines and many users had complained about the issue in the Reddit forum and finally, this account has been suspended permanently. But RVDL is safe and secure and they guarantee you that your account will not be suspended for using their bot feature on Reddit as it is a Reddit-approved tool to download Reddit files. So if you are looking for the best alternative then use the RVDL Reddit video downloader. 

Wrapping up 

It doesn’t matter if you want to download single or multiple Reddit media files, from the above article we came to know that RVDL – Reddit video downloader is the best tool to download all kinds of Reddit files with free conversion and completely free. You can also download files on your smartphones or PCs without installing any software or apps as it’s completely web-based.